Thursday, April 20, 2017

Exam Timetable

I have always been the one helping Ace with his exam planning.

I will help him plan his goals... his revision timetable... and then just ask him to follow.

As he got older, I feel it will be good if he understands this is how he can plan his day or his study timetable.. so this time, I asked him to plan his own revision timetable after setting his goals.

Instead of typing it out and printing, we chose the easier method of just using this calender I got from KP as xmas pressie.

This time round, I let him decide what he wants to study and merely reminded him of what he listed. Up to him he wants to study or not. I also did not confiscate his phone... I was thinking... if he does not do well, I can finally have something I could leverage on to make my prep talks with him more powderful... see, now got example mah...

JUdging from how things are, I think it is total rubbish... simply becuase this time round he has his phone and his whole mind and brain is only into using his phone either for games or for anime.

He actually will quickly finish his homework without thinking or putting heart to it so he can watch more anime.

I didn't know watching anime can help one improve their PSLE score leh..

Nmind. I wait.

I think there is good chance I can tell him I TOLD YOU SO later when he get his results...

Some things, you say 1000 times also no use. They bang wall one time then they will learn the lesson.

PS: He did not do too well this exam. He improved for Chinese but other things he took a big step backwards....  I asked him to review about what he did well and not so well and he agreed he did not focus and did not practice enough.

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