Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Memories Of Dubai

The other day, the mum of one of Ace's classmate in Dubai sent me these photos.

They were taken at his 9th birthday party which was his going away party as well....

Such sweet memories..

So the other day, we went to eat Indian food... something we havent done in a long long while.. and Ace suddenly asked if we could go visit Dubai.

I asked him who he wanted to visit... and he was trying to think of who he could visit... and then he realized that his friends will likely be home during his school holidays and some of them are no longer in Dubai too.

And then he gave it a long and hard thought and told me.. that actually he wants to visit because he misses the food... so I asked him which restaurants he will like to visit... and the three of us came out with our list of food places to visit...
  1.  Red House- for the Manchurian Balls and Tomato Fried Egg
  2. Lan Kwai Fong- Lychee ribena, daigor's soup, brinjal and toufu
  3. Our fav indonesian nasi padang
Hahaha... I can't believe I miss Dubai's food! LOL....

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