Friday, April 21, 2017

Ace The Rapper

So... the name of this blog... actually draws inspiration from this rap called Ice, Ice, Baby by rapper Eminem.

When Ace came of age to understand and love pop music, I told him about this. But I thought Eminem is old school rapper, Ace probably does not now him.

But I was wrong.

The other day, I was out with Fayth and Megan cos Fayth was visiting Singapore from Dubai... and so, Max brought Ace out for dinner.

And our boy pleasantly surprised his dad by doing and impromptu rap for him :) LOL

And.. it happened to be a Eminem rap.. new one.. I think.. called Lose Yourself.

So here's the dinner dad and son had..

And here's my day out with the girls;)

And also, Fayth's cross stitch for our new house is finally done! woohoo!:)

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