Friday, April 14, 2017

Popo's Birthday

 It's Popo's Birthday and we arranged to meet up for dinner.

So after dinner, we said we should take a family photo... and I asked Ace to take my phone and go and help popo take photo first..

But at this point, I realized that Cay just naturally walked over to sit with Popo to take photo because you know how after you have a kid at home, anyone's birthday is like their birthday:) haha..

 Ace paused for a while... And Ah Yee also realized this and immediately said, "Ace, go and sit inside, we ask someone else to help to take photo.. you go and sit inside with Popo to take photo with Popo and Cayden..."

And initially, Ace said he did not want to do that... It was a grumpy did not want to cos I could tell he wanted to but just upset since his jealousy was triggered.

I told him,"Hiya, just do it lah.. it is tradition you take with Popo mah.. every year you also do that.." And somehow, something clicked and he said OK.. so he squeezed in for photo lor...

 And of cos we cannot dun have family photo lah:)

Very cute lah my son..

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