Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Ace's New Fav Veg

About a year after Ace declares that Kangkong is his favorite vegetable, and asks to eat Thai food anytie and every time, both me and Max are really glad.. that he finally found another veg that he likes cos to be honest, we are quite sick of eating Thai style bean paste kangkong.. LOL

The other day, we were thinking of just going somewhere nearby for a quick meal and Max suggested going to 85 market. And so we ordered our usual favorites... cai tow kuay, char kway tiao, porridge and to make it a little more healthy, Max ordered two plates of veggies from the zi char stall...

One his his favorite chou dou.. the other one is stir fried baby kailan... and as it turned out.. Ace loves the baby Kailan!

Yay! now we have chance to eat OTHER veggies liao!

But Ace says Kangkong is still his 最爱....

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