Friday, April 28, 2017

Colouring My White Hair

In recent years, I have noticed that I have more and more white hair.

Hence, I started colouring my hair again a few years back.

A friend recommended this touch and go hair colouring thing to touch up and cover up white hair and so I decided to give it a try. I covered up all the white hair I could see and was rather pleased with the end results:)

After I tried it, I asked if Ace can see a difference when we were on our way to dinner.... to which he told me, "I can't really tell becuase you are too tall. Only time I can tell you if you have less or more white hair is if I sit on the sofa behind you when you are sitting on the floor...cos if I sit like that, I can see all your white hair..."

After dinner, we came home and I was seated down and doing my work and my son silently came over and sat down on the sofa behind me... And suddenly he exclaimed!

"Mama, why still so much white hair!?"

And upon closer inspection, I realized that I actually had lots of white showing at the back of my head too! I only saw those at the front and coloured those and did not colour those I could not see! So...back to the coloring board... LOL

Had to redo it again.. the same day for a more COMPLETE effect.

Sigh... the things one has to do for beauty.... :)

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