Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Accidentally...

I have noticed for the longest time.... Whenever Ace wants to tell me about something that he has done which he feels is not right, or not good or feel guilty about, he will tend to use the words "I accidentally..."

For example, for his Chinese Spelling, he scored 99 because he "accidentally" wrote one more stroke for one of the words.

Today, while playing at school, he "accidentally" threw the bottle and it hit his friend and caused his lip to bleed.

When he forgets to bring something, it is always because he "accidentally" forgets to bring it.

Granted, it is true, some of these things happen as accidents. But I feel he mostly uses the word "accidentally" as some way to acquit himself of blame and it is more of a unwillingness to be accountable for one's actions.

So I told him to drop the word OFF his vocab IMMEDIATELY... because as a man, you should always be accountable for your actions. If you forgot.... you forgot. Even if you accidentally forgot to bring something... YOU STILL FORGOT. You still have to be accountable and bear the consequences of what happens because you forgot... just because you gloss over something doesn't mean it becomes better.

I told him outright that for me, I actually feel people who keep saying "accidentally" are people who have not guts to be accountable for actions they undertake and actually seem rather cowardly.

If he did something, just say he did it. Dun always say he "accidentally" do it. Cos while that may be true, it also shows with the repeated use of this word that he does not want to be accountable for his actions.

Today, he came to me and told me he did something accidentally.

I told him to rephrase that and drop the word "accidentally" please... be a man lah! IF you did something, say you did it.. dun add "accidentally" to it.

"Ok ok... I freaking xxx, ok?"


Though  I also dun condone him using the word "freaking" (since it actually means 'fucking' but he is told he cannot use the F word) but hey, actually sound better than "accidentally" lor!:)

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