Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Chinese Play

 So my friend bought tickets to support her friend's play and asked if I would like to go. She knows I am more deng lang deng lang and she was pleasantly surprised to find that I was actually formerly from the Chinese Drama Clubs in secondary school, JC and Uni...

I thought it is quite interesting and asked if Max will be interested to come along and was pleasantly surprised that he said he would.

It was rather interesting because the play is held in a very very small room called The Black Box. THere are probably like only 50 seats available in the room and so the whole play is in a very intimate setting and the actors are acting really close to the audience instead of on a stage far away.

I did rather enjoy myself since it has been quite a while since I watched a Chinese play. Plus, the storyline about this girl who died and could not bear to leave her seemingly cold boyfriend resonated with me somewhat.

I have been thinking also, how it would be like for me... and the people around me if I died. Will I miss them? Will they miss me? Will we have any regrets?

Anyway, I actually found some parts of it rather touching....

Max was not very impressed though as he could not really relate to the story. And though he is water tap when watching touching shows, he was not really touched by this story.

Too bad though that this happened during exam period and that we did not have more time to say go for a dinner or what together after that. I was thinking this could be such a good chance for a romantic date.. albiet a rather short one but sadly, it did not turn out that way.

I found out later though that the person who translated the japanese script to chinese is my "daughter"... my friend from drama club in JC who acted as my daughter in the play we performed together... LOL

Small world lah.

Well, nevertheless, I am still hopeful we can plan out another good date cos I won myself tickets to Sisters Act Musical.

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