Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Go Dubai

Max bought a cabin luggage the other day and once it got home, it became Ace's toy. He started putting his stuff into the luggage and lugging it around the house and he told me, "I going to Dubai now..."

After 30 min and 10 round around the living room, he is finally in Dubai.. but he is still walking around with the luggage... so I asked him why he is doing that.. "I want to be like daddy..." Hahahaha...

Anyway, the other day, we were talking about what would happen if we visit Daddy in Dubai... and Ace said, "We will be so happy.. when we go Dubai and daddy goes to work, then we can watch Tom and Jerry at home on TV and then we can go swimming..."

Wait a minute, that sounds like what we did DURING THE BALI TRIP!

So I guess Ace thinks watching Tom and Jerry and going swimming are typical leisure activities you do when you are overseas and his thinking of us going there is just to have fun!

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