Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ace Helps Himself

Ace is a hungry hippo...

After every one or two hours, he would claim he wants to eat "something" (meaning it is not a normal meal like breakfast, lunch or dinner) or want to drink "something" (Plain water is not considered something..only special water like honey water or pipagao, ribena are considered 'something').

He is now independent enough, tall enough and strong enough to help himself to all these 'somethings'.

The other day.. a mere one hour after dinner, he suddenly declared that he is hungry and wanted to eat something. Because he did not bug me, I stayed in the room and continued to check email on the PC.. then suddenly, my dad called out to me, "Look at your son.. see what he is doing..."

I went out of the living room and found that he helped himself to everything in the fridge.. he took a butter knife, a plate, his favourite nutella and a slice of bread..

In the next few days, I also discovered that he can now switch on the lights by himself when he needs to use the toilets...

He knows where to find and take the biscuits that he wants to eat...

He can even make honey drink all by himself!

He has grown up indeed!

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