Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day

Since about a few weeks ago, Ace kept talking to me and telling me about some family day that they are going to have in school.. sometimes he says it is a party, sometimes he says it is a celebration.. once he mentioned the word "mummy" so I guess he meant Mother's Day and was quite surprised that his school intended to celebrate Mother's Day.. but since I did not receive any letters, I just forgot about it...

And then, 3 days before mother's day, when i went to pick Ace up from school, the moment he saw me, he said to me, "Happy birthday, mummy..." and then he quickly took something out from his bag and passed to me.. it was a cookie and a card and flower that he made all by himself... I think he actually meant Happy Mother's Day...

It was such a sweet gesture and his flowers were really nice too:) They are made from egg trays and he proudly told me that he coloured and pasted the shiny stuff all by himself.

Anyway, for our mother's both me and Ace made some Otah Bread together and gave to them as Mother's Day present:)

Here's a big thank you to mummy, popo, ah ma, mama.... to all you wonderful women.. thank you for all your contributions to the family.. thank you for your unconditional love and everything you have done for us.. I love you!

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