Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Art Class At Lollipop

At the recommendation of Josephine, I let Ace go for a trial class at Lollipop Studio and this is his first piece of work.

Actually, Ace started asking for art lessons about a year ago...I think it was because he was watching this HK drama serial where the children were sent to an art class called Bobo Club.. so he kept asking me if he can go for art class and that he wants to go for Bobo Club.

But because he was still attending other classes, I told him I would look into it.

So finally his dancing classes came to an end, and we decided to send him to an art class... Anyway, I signed him up and found out that at his slot, he is the one and only student:) So that means he get all the attention from his teacher.

I wonder what his first lesson will be about and what he will draw....

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1 comment:

ming said...

tat's a v good drawing.I dun think i can draw like this when i was his age...GD job!