Thursday, April 15, 2010

Swimming Escapades

Ace has a new swimming board!:)

When he bought the board, he asked his daddy if he could draw on his board and his daddy said yes, so that night, when he came home, he said he wanted to draw a house, a sun and himself on the board.. and after some thought, he decided that he also wanted to draw a dinosaur but he feels that is too difficult for him..

So, he sought the help of a *ahem* better artist-- ME:P hahaha..

So I asked him to bring me his dino story book and point to the dino that he likes and I will draw it for him.

When he went to swimming class the next week, he received alot of admiring looks from his classmates and he was so proud of his dino swimming board.. But I cringed when he told everyone, "My mummy drew the dinosaur for me!" cos well, it was a rather bad drawing done in a haste as i was rushing to the toilet to pee!:) Hahahaha..

But well, as long as he is happy. He also brought along a water gun which is now his favourite pool toy and suddenly, he is the center of everyone's attention and everyone wants to be his friend because they wanted to play with the gun.. I am glad the gun helped to bring him closer to his classmates:)

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