Sunday, October 09, 2016


So the two cousins are back in their BFF phase after a bout of quarrels...

And part of the reason is because they have found a new game they can play together... cos Lion Dance is sooooooooo last year and so passe liao...

The new games is JING CHA/ Policeman game!

The two of them will pretend to be policemen and their soft toys will be criminals..

Made extra fun because they dunno from where.. found this bolster cover and used it as a BODY BAG for pretend DEAD BODIES... Sigh.. I dunno why so morbid.. but I think not difficult to guess WHO came up with this idea first...

Cay thinks it is a load of fun though..

Poor QIao HU.. this time, he is the criminal.. that is him being arrested..

Here is an exclusive video interview with our two policemen and watch them in action!

New way of delivering the body...

Cay's dad bought him a Pikachu and they even used it as their official mascot of their secret office...

Which is actually a secret "room" made up of tilam!

It is such a small space.. but the two boys insist it is just nice for both of them.. and Ace even brought his phone so "there is light in there too..."

Policeman Cay going about on duty..

And the funniest thing is this... Ace asked Cay to make some  walkie talkies with his lego.. so after he made two, he passed one to Ace and then he started speaking gibberish into the walkie talkie.. when I asked him what he is saying and why he is saying gibberish... he told me, "I am speaking indian... because Gor Gor is chinese 警察,我是印度警察嘛!"

LOL.. laugh die me lor.. I dunno why he wants to pretend to be an indian policeman:) hahaha

Me and Ah Yee wonder who long this game can last:) hahahaha..

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