Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wine Festival

So Max got some tickets to a Wine Festival and I was contemplating whether to go and who to invite with our extra tickets...

As it happened over the weekend right before Ace's exams, I was thinking I should perhaps stay at home. But then I remembered I have already decided to let Ace do his own thing... so I decided I will go ahead with Max and after some discussion, we decided to invite Ah Yee and Nett Nett to double date with us:)

So leh, I asked Ace to pls do all his revision in the morning and he can spend the whole evening at Popo's house playing with Cay.

All made up and ready to go... dunno got aircon there or not.. decided to bun up my hair.. safest bet!

The event took place at Clifford Pier...

When I looked into the event venue and saw the crowd... almost decided to go home on the spot.. it was people mountain people sea lor!

Was so difficult to squeeze through.... but since we were here already.. just follow the crowd and drink here and there lah:)

Taking a breather my taking wefies!:)

While Max is the avid beer drinker who is always posting pics of alchohol, Nett Nett is the real master here.. having lived in France, he is one who knows how to enjoy his wines... so hor, we just follow him around.. he say try then we try lor;) hahahahaha

We drank wine for many different places... and were quite surprised to find that the wine from China is not too bad too:)

After walking two rounds, sibeh hungry liao.. Nett nett bought some food for us to share.. is super expensive truffle risotto... $10 for only one scoop... But is very tasty!

Then we decided we should get out and go find some food... since lighting was good.. we took some pics outside the event hall lah...

I asked my sis to take picture for me... and then she showed me the pic she took.. I asked her why cannot see MBS one.. she say is cos I did not tell her I wanted MBS in the background... LOL...

This is better mah:)

We walked walked walked and found a restaurant along the Fullerton Hotel stretch... as we were hungry, just went in to eat lah..

THe girls went to toilet first...
And I was pretty amused that they put this sculpture in a toilet... look like someone trying to GEK SAI... hahahaaha

Waiting for my sis in toilet is very boring.. so take photo lor... ;)

And then we went back to restaurant and ordered our food.... And when the food came.. before we eat, camera must eat first!:)

Max ordered ravioli and did not expect one big wanton:) hahaha

Went back to fetch Ace and realized he brought along the  beach sofa thingy along to Popo's house and they spent time watching Pokemon cartoon there... hahahaha...

Good lah.. everybody happy :) It was nice becos I think I have never done double date before with my sis and her husband.

But hor, I dun think we will go again next year... to crowded and warm.... Rather chill and drink at home!:) hahahaa... Very thankful to our frens for giving us tickets and giving us this interesting experience though:)

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