Friday, October 14, 2016


 Saw a recipe online the other day... and decided that I should give it a try at home because I love to eat lu rou fan:)

It turned out to be pretty yummy and you wouldnt believe it.. that the secret weapon for this kickass awesome Taiwanese braised meat rice is actually---- PEANUT BUTTER:)

Max and Ace loved it too.....

Put this off for the longest time and finally made the curry chicken I was thinking about... Bought bread to go with it...

The bread turned out to be quite tasty wor:)

Ok.. so was the curry chicken lah:) hahahaa... left over half a packet.. i thinking of making prata curry puff:)

 Brought Ace out for a meal at Mac D.. sick of eating same thing all the time so I tried the EBI Burger... OK lah.. so so onli.. BUt Ace loved the packaging and insisted I must tear the top part of the box off so he can bring home and cut out the FISH..

I told him EBI IS PRAWN lah.. not fish..

He really came home, cut it out and it is now being pasted on his door.. Dunno why  someone allergic to prawns want to past a prawn on his bedroom door.. hahahaha:)

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