Saturday, October 08, 2016

PoGo Omanyte Hunting At Bedok Reservoir

Some times, chances come... but only for a short while and will pass you by if you are not fast hand fast leg:)

For the people who do not know, the game Pokemon Go actually has specific locations where specific pokemons will be spawned. If a particular location spawns alot of a particular pokemon, it will be known as a nest.

And in PoGo.. every 2-3 weeks, when the game developers are happy, they will switch the nests around.

The other day, someone posted that Bedok Reservior has become nest for a rare pokemon called Omanyte... which can be evolved into a even more rare pokemon called Omanstar....

I decided that since this is the case, I have to go to the nest IMMEDIATELY to catch enough Omanytes to evolve into an Omanstar:) hahahahaha... I told Ace I could bring along his phone to catch for him but he declined and say he will catch another day...

So I went hunting lor...

 The reservoir is usually very quiet on a weekday.... first time weekday I come to reservior and see SO MANY PEOPLE LEH!:) Hahahahaha....  Many are old uncles and aunties or parents and their children.... Towards 6pm, I even started to see many people who are dressed in office clothing, heels and lugging a laptop bag walking around to catch the pokemons! hahahahahaa..

 Omanyte enjoying himself while watching the youths kayak..

So beautiful:)

In a span of 1.5 hours, my mission is completed:) So happy lor!

THe next day, I arranged to meet up with my sister. We went shopping and then because Ace had tuition, we came back to Bedok area and I told Ace to take a bus to his tuition by himself while we continued our shopping in bedok mall...

My sis bought me my special birthday present and then we decided to go catch Omanytes at BR:) hahahahaa.. I really salute her lor.. she was wearing this pair of shoes tat gave her blisters and even though her legs were bleeding, everytime I saw an omanyte on the map and pointed out to her, she would RUN to get it! Eventually, she too got enough to evolve...

But hor, Ace started to lose interest in playing and also kenna banned somewhat (he overshot his phone bill by $10 and $12 in the first two months he played PoGo respectively and had to pay for it by deducting from his allowance.. and also, he kept thinking he will have time to do it again later..

But.. time waits for no man.. before he could do it.... the nests changed... BR became dead town again because no more rare pokemons and so I guess it will take him a while to catch enough of this to evolve:)

Oh well, good that he is no longer crazy about the game also lah.. can concentrate on his exams:)He is though now crazy about any game related to pokemon or the pokemon animation... watching it almost everyday... and his xmas wish list is either pokemon go soft toy... or pokemon gameboy or something cos he said his fren had it...  I told him tat one antique leh.. got sell meh?

Anyway, he is my current go to pokemon expert lah.. if i have any questions about pokemon.. eg, I go into a gym to fight and dunno what mon to put inside to fight the mon, he will tell me wat to do:) hahahaa...

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