Thursday, October 13, 2016

PoGo Hunting And Nature at Siglap Park Connector

Now that I have more Pokemons in my Pokedex and I am certain I am just playing to fill my Pokedex (for non players, that is like your collection of pokemon. There are 141 available to be collected in Singapore), I have been chasing after specific pokemons.

I realized that I often see this pokemon I wanted in my sightings when I am at home.. so I figured it must appear often near home. I found out it appears frequently... something like once a twice every hour lor!

I am determine to find the exact spot tat it appears and so I went online to the PoGo Facebook to seek help from the community.. and someone provided me with some directions and others provided me with a map....

One day, since I was quite free, I decided that I shall go exploring... As the location stated is called the Siglap Park Connector, I decided that I will explore this elusive Siglap Park Connector and see where it brings me...

Because I suck at reading maps, I could only go in the direction where there are landmarks and I plotted in my mind roughly which direction I will go... only to find that it brought me back to the trees we planted!

I have been meaning to visit them but never did because... parks are not my kind of thing really... hahahahaa:) I am a coffee place with frens girl:)

Glad to see them growing strong!:)

It was interesting to me... and so I decided I will do this again when I have the time... and I will explore furthur and go furthur the next time i tried walking in this area...

And so, because I was also trying to walk more to hatch my pokemon eggs (they hatch with every 2, 5 or 10km you walk). These longs walks I took eventually turned out to be some sort of nature walk...

The second time I took a walk.... I walked all the way to the end of Bedok Park... And then I found these beauties!

So pretty right?

Reminds me of the time we went to Thailand for a stay  (when we won a contest where me and Ace shared the most memorable thing we did -- turned out that both of us listed our stay together at MBS (part 2 and part 3 of that adventure here)  as the most memorable) and found ixora of all colours!

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I am so happy to finally find the elusive Siglap Park Connector... apparently if I follow this road I will end up in Siglap!:) I know tat is somewhere near Ace's school.... and I wonder how long it will take to go from bedok reservior to siglap using the connector.. Max says he will jog there one day and tell me later:) hahahaha

皇天不负苦心人.. The heavens never give up on people who work hard... so I was duly rewarded for my walk too:) hee... Caught the Pokemon I was searching for... though only caught one.. I was so happy :)

Now tat I have been catching pokemons all the time, when I see eggs, instead of thinking of yummy foods, I am thinking of this pokemon called eggsecute... I saw this man in this tshirt and wanted to throw a pokeball at him to catch the eggs lor! hahahaha

This is how eggsecute looks like:

In the next few days, I was running in and out of the few parks around me lor... and here are more interesting finds I found...

Our neighbourhood cat who lives with another cat in this corner of a particular block of flats. I remember him because he has such striking features... he has a black nose... like a dog! hahaha.. But he is not very friendly though so I dun talk much to him... even though I usually will talk to cats when I see them... (the other day I saw one scratching the tire of someone's car and scolded him... told him that is unacceptable behavior! and he stopped! hahaha...)

Other great finds are... this tree with purple leaves.. totally strange to me.. I dunno wh it is like this but this is the only tree with purple leaves...

Next to him is another exact same tree with same leaves and flowers.. but no purple leaves...

I wonder if it is cause just before flower bloom the leaves will turn purple first or what.. I was so intrigued I walked back on another occasion again just to observe it...

Found these also.. I thought they were palm tree fruits and someone told me is Betal ... I never knew they looked like this:)

My happiest find has to be this... I saw a butterfly drinking nectar on a flower.. I stood there and watched it for so long!

Even took video of it flying... so beautiful lor:)

In case you are wondering, all these only happen when I am walking alone. If I go with Ace, he is always bz chasing after pokemons.. no time to stop and smell the roses so to speak..

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