Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dinner With Cay

So since the cousins are in their BFF stage... And also because AH Yee and Nett Nett say they wanna do vegetarian dinner... we decide to all dinner together at PP :)

I dunno how Cay is going to finish such a huge burger man...

Cousins and uncle had so much fun together lor:) hahahaha

There is  reason why Max is Cay's favorite Yee ZHang:) hahaha

After the meal, the boys started playing scissors paper stone...

Reminds me of the time when Ace was about this age and me and Ah Yee brought him out and we played Ba Xian Guo Hai with him on the bus to entertain him... (Ah Yee also taught him lots of silly songs... maybe we should teach these to Cay now:) hahaha)

While me, Ah Yee and Nett Nett were away, the boys had so much fun cam whoring:)

Afterwards, we went to the Lego shop cos Ace said he wanted the bananaman lego.. Max being the good father.. went to "molest" the minifigurines packaging so that he could feel for it.. alas.. cannot be found...

And I was so happy.. cos I caught a Jynx... It is a pokemon I dun have in my pokedex yet... CP 888 somemore... Huat ah!

And also a Seel.. whoo hoo:)

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