Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Teochew Food With Yeye and Nainai

Ah Yee has been talking about this nice teochew restaurant.... so the other day, since Shushu is not at home, we decided to bring Yeye and Nainai there for a meal...

The restaurant is called Swatow Garden... Swatow.. tat is where my ancestors were from ;)

THe food there is very nice lor.. very got gor zah bee... 古早味... and tastes and feels like mum's home cooking...

Ordered a huge silver pompret... super ex... but super happy to eat... I am reminded of the days my mum will steam this fish for us at home... and when my grandma will make it for us when we visit..

Too much food lor.. so much so that when the braised pork leg is finally here.. had to dabao... and Nainai told me later it was enough for them for two meals:) haha

What is a teochew meal without orh nee leh:)

Alas it was a little too sweet for my liking..

As for Ace, he got bored after eating... so he started flipping the bottle on the floor... according to him, the bottle flip is the most IN thing in school right now... Heng ah.. is not something where you need to buy a special toy or wat to do...

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