Friday, March 12, 2010

Drawing Contest

The other day, I was supposed to meet my 'sisters' after Ace's dancing class for our usual CNY gathering... because Max was busy, I had to bring Ace along. And because I had so much free time on hand, I decided to walk to our meeting point slowly together with Ace.

Alas, we were still very early and only KP has reached. But she was busy doing some sort of interview with a female artiste and taking pics with her photographer (cos she is a reporter with The New Paper).

Out of boredom, I started to take out Ace's notebook and pencil and started to draw Ace.. and not wanting to lose out, my son started taking another piece of paper to draw me.. hahahaha...

And this is our end result..

Nice or not?

PS: Both the female artiste and the photographer says Ace is very cute!:)

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