Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's my money...

Ace has a warped sense of logic...

Everytime, after we have our meals, he will enthusiastically ask to pay the meal for us and his dad would pass him some dollar bills and ask him to pay for the meal. After that, whatever change we get, he always watns to keep it and if we try to take it back, he gets upset and insists that it is his money... BECAUSE.." I pay and so the money is mine...."

It took me a very long while to explain to him how even though he paid for it, the money still belongs to daddy. He is better now.. he just wants to keep part of the money instead of all of the money and Max lets him keep the coins if he can tell us what denomination the coin is.

I guess that is a very easy way or earning money and so, Ace is still VOLUNTEERING TO PAY for the meal everytime.. hahaha :)

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