Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Am So Tired But I Am So Brave

In case you may be wondering why in the world the words TIRED and being BRAVE have anything to do with each other.. they were spoken in a singular sentence by Ace the other day while we were on the way to eat something he really liked--- ice cream.

As you already know, Ace hates to walk.. if we had to walk from our house to the MRT station, it always is too long a walk and very often, by the time he reached say the traffic light before the interchange, he would already be complaining about the walk. It helps if he rests well and had a good sleep before we started walking but if not, he would always check if we could take a bus or if we could take a taxi...

And as you already know too, Ace loves ice cream.. the other day, he saw the Swensen's Kids Club card and remembered that he has free ice cream.. so he asked me if he could go eat ice cream with me.. Since I had time on hand and since his daddy was not free.. I decided, to bring him, on my own to Changi Airport to eat ice cream and swensons and maybe go home together with Nai Nai.. who is working inside the air port...

So after dinner, Ace keeps asking me if we can go and finally, when we set off, he was totally excited and happy. But leh, about 5 minutes later, he tells me, "Mummy, I am so tired legs are so tired.."

I turned around, tilt ny head to one side as a non verbal gesture to mean, "Are you really that tired?"

And he continues, "BUT I am so brave.. so i will walk to eat ice cream..."

Hahaha.. how that constitutes as bravery in his eyes.. I really don't know.. But what I do know is that he did have a very good time there;)

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