Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kittens Are Totally Irresistable!

Ace is usually quite a scaredy cat when it comes to animals... he likes having them around to SEE but he never wants to touch them because he is afraid.

Recently, the wild cats at our void deck has given to a litter of kittens and somehow, they have all 'migrated' to these two motorcyles who seem to be perpetually parked at the parking lot.

The other day when we saw the kittens, we went over to meow at them, send them love and stroke then a little bit... and suddenly, Ace was there with us, touching and stroking the cats.

When we left, I asked him how come he wasn't afraid of the cats and was brave enough to stroke them and he said, "Because the kittens are so cute!" and he actually went back to stroke them a few more times after that incident.

That just goes to show that when people are totally irresistable, anyone and everyone will want to come close to them. But we are no more small, cute, babies, so how do we be totally irresistable? According to a book I am reading, you do that by totally being ourselves and living our vision... part of the reasons I feel why babies and young children are so cute and irresistable other than their miniature size is also the fact that they are always very true to themselves.. such that even when they are naughty or do something nasty, they are still 'cute' and it is alot more easy to just forgive them:)

For example, ff Jack Neo weren't a "preacher" in people's eyes.. trying to teach good values in his movies and always talking about the importance of family... but rather, he has always been openly been having girlfriends but is still popular due to his talent in movie making, I feel people would be much for forgiving towards his infidelity because they might think "Yeah, he is someone who is like that..oh, his poor wife and poor children" Alot of people react strongly because they think of him as someone like a saint.. cultural medelion winner, always known as the model father and model husband (a picture painted by the media in the past)... so they find it more difficult to forgive him with his infidelity. Jackie Chan is openly flirtatious and everyone still loves him:)

Anyway, my personal view is that the saga is a result of all the decisions made by Jack, his flings, his wife.. so everyone has a part to play.. there is no one who is more guilty or less guilty than the other... when a many has such a big infidelity issue like that in his relationship, usually his wife is also equally uncommitted in their relationship in some other area... how do I know? Well, I guess you could say I have seen many of such stories happening around me... :)

Anyway, Ace now wants to bring the kittens home and keep them as pets. I asked him if he would still like them and take care of them when they grow up into cats. "No.." he said. So I told him that until he was ready to take care of them all the way till their death and until the time he is staying in a house tat HE PAYS for, the house rule is no pets:) hahahah...

And then I explained to him how now that I am grown up and not staying with my mum, she still takes care of me... and how I still take care of him even though he is a toddler and no more a baby.. we dun throw babies away when they grow up.. so we cannot throw our pets away when they grow up...

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