Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ace Has An Abundant Day

The same day that I brought Ace for his makeover, I decided to bring him out for a night of fun since it has been quite a while since I brought him out...

I asked him what he wanted to eat and he said he wanted to eat Mac Donalds.. and so I brought him there for dinner.. after taht, we were supposed to meet ZY Jie Jie and while waiting for her, I finally went to choose the toy that he wanted as a reward for finishing his assesement book...

ZY gave Ace a treat of ice cream and even gave him a packet of snacks.. and also treated us to a drink at Mac..

When we reached home, I was having my usual "before bedtime" conversation with him and I told him that he had a really abundant day.... "Wah, today you got your dream dinner, have two new toys, a new transformer toy... ice cream.. so many days.. you really had an abundant day..."

"You also mah.." Ace said.. "You also got new clothes ah.. (ZY gave a new top to me) and snacks ah..."

"But ZY Jie Jie gave you the snacks.. not to me.." I told him..

"We are sharing mah, so it is also yours...." he replied..

Hahaha.. yes, Ace, I will learn to be thankful of all that I have.. and yes, I AM ABUNDANT TOO! :)

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