Sunday, June 06, 2010

Calling Daddy

The other day, it happened to be a public holiday in singapore and a wkend in Dubai... so we arrange do talk on the computer..

Ace was excited to be talking to daddy again and he was all cheeky initially... and he even told me, "I know how to type already.. I can type to daddy!"

But when we started the MSN conversation, he was as usual engrossed in all the winks and smileys.. and so he played with it...

And then we had a good time chatting with each other and Ace was really farnee... His Dad used the WRITE function to write words and Ace would try to recognize them and write them out as well... and when Max wrote the word, "Money", Ace copied and wrote, "Money" and then added that must add "$".

And then because he was grumpy because he had not enough sleep, he started to cry over no good reason... and so I told him Daddy wrote "Shame Shame.." and asked him not to cry because he is a big boy already.. if he is tired, he can go and sleep...

So he went to the bed, lie down a little and ran out of the room. He came back with my digital camera and started taking pictures of his dad... and he was so happy that he got a good shot.. I guess he is really missing his dad alot..

PS: I Miss You ALOT too, dear.. Happy 6th wedding Annivesary!

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