Sunday, July 09, 2017

Cayden's Antics

Cay is like 5 going to 6 this year.

SOmetimes when I look at his cheeky antics, I really miss Ace at that age lor.. sooooo cute! Haahahahaha... 

THe other day, he started pasting stickers his mum bought him onto his toy cars.. and then as he was pasting, he talked to himself and said, "Come on, car, I am going to dress you up!"


I told him these stickers make the car look cute. I asked if that was the look he is going for and he said he wanted to dress them up to look cool. I suggested chicken stickers may not be the best option in this case and so he removed them:) hahahahaah

Then leh, later when he was eating, he suddenly went to shut the windows. I asked him why he did tat,, he said cos it was windy.

I said windy is good mah.. means is cooling..

And he told me, "Windy my hair will be messy and cannot be handsome like Zhang Zhenhuan!"



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