Sunday, July 30, 2017

SST Auditions And Tests

Ace made it past round two of the SST application process and was invited to go for final round "auditions" this coming Saturday at SST.

Me: They are going to make you do a project and see how you fare and you better chant for wisdom!
Ace: I got chant mah..
Me: Chant more lah. Even I help you chant, only 1/7 of what I chant for you goes to you leh. the rest goes to me.
Ace: Then you chant 7 hours lah!
Me: I think you go ask Popo Pun Eng Khoe for help better.... LOL

His dad gave him a leadership talk about what kind of leader he wants to be and how to show his leadership skills and they had a discussion about what is EQ and how EQ is helpful.

The end result is that Ace went for the audition, came home and happily declared that "there are no assholes in my group.." LOL... haahhah... ok lah..

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