Sunday, July 16, 2017

Gong De Xin

Went to Ace's tuition centre to pay his fees and met his teacher. His teacher said he wasn't very focused and they were trying to memorize phrases for oral and while everyone managed to memorize everything, he was the only one who did not do it.

She said to bring home and memorize it.

I asked Ace why he couldn't pay attention and why others could memorize and he couldnt.

He said the others could memorize because they were looking at the paper. I told him I can accept that but his teacher also said he was looking around and that meant that he was not really paying attention as well.

He said had a long day and he has been working hard at school....

"So hor in the morning, I am "Let's do this and learn everything!" And then after 2pm... I become like.. "Ok erm... I try..." And after 4pm, I am like " hee hee hee hee hee..." and after 6pm I am like "hor hor hor hor"" Ace was trying to explain how he become more and more "crazy" as the day went on. But I get the point. It is a long day and he is tired.

So leh, we worked on going through the phrases over the weekend.

His teacher did say that he did not need to say exactly as the phrase is. As long as the gist of it is there is ok liao.

So leh, after he memorized, I had to test him. This week they had to memorize phrases used for various topics: Hurting small animals, saving water, cutting queue, littering etc.

And I realized that my son only has ONE standard phrase to all topics.

节省用水: 浪费水是很没有公德心的事。
乱堆垃圾:  乱堆垃圾是一件很没有公德心的事。

Pengz Lor!

After he tries to repeat the phrases he memorized, I realized he is having problem also because he is not familiar with the phrases used. For example... the chinese phrase for Roadsweeper 清道夫, he keeps saying funny things like "清洁地上的人” or what.

His dad says why not just say "扫地的人" I say can lah. But then wun get as many marks lor. where got father like tat teach son one right? LOL

Hope he can memorize them well and do well for oral. Jia you, Ace!

PS: He did not get to use these FAMOUS WORDS during his PSLE Oral... LOL... BUT it was a topic that his tuition teacher had gone through with him... so phew!

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