Saturday, July 15, 2017

Good Boy Apple Juice

Ace brought home a canned drink the other day.

It was a Fuji Sparkling Apple Juice. I asked him about it and he said he was given to him by his Chinese teacher.

Apparently, at the end of every day, they get a lucky draw. If you are naughty, your name goes on blackboard. So if lucky draw is you... and your name is on the board, you miss your turn and next person is drawn. Everyday there are a few prizes to be won and best biggest price is ice lemon tea and this is next best prize.

Ace calls this his GOOD BOY APPLE JUICE! LOL... hahahaha

 Like tat also can!

Kudos to his teacher for being creative and really grateful she is taking so much effort to help the boys concentrate in class!

PS: My son says he has 10 of these sitting in his locker now cos when he is thirsty, he will go drink instead of spending money on drinks.He says he will bring home to have Good Boy Apple Juice Party with me.. lol

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