Saturday, July 08, 2017

SST GAT and CRT Tests And Yuneng Learning Festival

So Ace had a packed day...

Early in the morning, he had to go to SST for his written test... and after that, he came back and we went to the Yuneng Learning Festival together.

His dad brought him first to eat his fav breakfast... milo and chee cheong fun...

Ace said the GAT test was like an IQ test but it was pretty tough because you were given one minute only for each sum.... and if you got it wrong, they will deduct your marks... so he only did 27 out of the 30 sums... but the CRT test that was like a language test was easy. His dad was quite worried for him cos when he went online to find GAT sample questions, they looked so difficult! (Anyway, Ace passed through this and even went for the one day camp in the end)

So anyway, after his tests, he went to eat lunch with his dad and his dad drove him to school to meet me before heading off to his secondary school gathering..

We were both super excited to go to the Yuneng Learning Festival because Ace was invited to take part in the filming of the welcome video:)

And too bad we could only reach very late when most of the stalls were closing.. because it is a very interesting festival.. the whole school was divided into zones and diff zones provided different learning experiences related to language, math and science, art and craft, PE, etc..

And because the theme was Let Learning Take Flight.... they made the ticket into a boarding pass..

Ace couldn't really decide which place he wanted to go to.. we walked around in circles for a while.. and thank goodness his friends and teachers helped out and so we got to experience some of the learning booths and also got the required chops to exchange for gifts..

Ace wanted to do this but it was too popular..

They even provided maps..

They even had card sorts to help the kids find out what sort of careers they might be interested in!

The language booths were quite empty.. so we visited those first.. but it was also cos Ace's teacher STRONGLY ENCOURAGED him to do so... hahahah

We stood there and watched the video to wait for Ace's "appearance"... hahahah

Just before we were going home, saw these guys flying drones.. Ace wanted to watch.. so we watched a little and went home..

Too bad lah... too little time to enjoy this fully...

But really appreciate the school for putting in all the effort:)

Anyway, here is the video Ace appeared in..

 PS: This is his reward for being a MODEL for his school video.. he very happily shared with me cos he says is very nice:)

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