Thursday, July 06, 2017

Drawing Anime

So Ace has a new hobby...

Now that he is smartphone-less, he has to find other forms of self entertainment. And other than the usual stuff like reading and making things out of paper (he has been investing heavily in rough paper, penknives, vanguard sheets to make stuff), he has also started to draw ANIME.

Remember the Mothers Day Card he drew for Popo? He has been building on it instead of just watching youtube videos.

So during his birthday, he got two ANIME DRAWING instruction books and he has started to build his own sketch book of drawings... Ah Yee also bought him anime colouring pens...

 The book that Fayth jie jie bought for him..

 He started drawing this thing.. he said he created himself.. looks like some sort of pokemon.. really cute lor:)

 His first scribblings with only YOUTUBE as his teacher:)

 His fav manga..

 He says he drew this to test the colouring pens..

 He coloured the "pokemon" he draw and even gave it a name:)

 So now, he has been bringing his barang around. As and when he gets a chance, he will start to draw.

I let him draw and build and I dun nag him when he spends money on supplies because I understand it is his way of destressing as well. Just like how I blog....

I was just telling my friend now that I miss doing marketing because it gives me a creative outlet. My current job is admin based and so there is nothing very creative about it:) Perhaps except shooting politically right emails.. LOL LOL LOL.. That is like the only "creative" thing I do.

Anyway, I am glad he found a new hobby lah. I hope he will be able to develop this into something interesting!:)

His godma suggested that he attends some sort of anime drawing lessons just to pick up some basics. Anyone knows of any good ones he can attend?

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