Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mummy Goes Back To Work

Me on my first day of work:)

Some time back, I told Ace that I will be going back to work soon. I explained to him that I have dedicated my life to our family and as a result, I neglected building my own life and that is not healthy. Because if I did not have my own life, by the time he is married, I would rely on him still to take care of me and he probably wouldn't like that as compared to we each have our own happy lives:)

He was initially not very happy about it.

Then he started asking if I could only go to work AFTER he finished his PSLE and I told him I will try to do that.

However, life doesnt really happen the way we plan usually :)

Certain priorities in my life changed quickly and then I realized that I needed to get back to work as quickly as possible. And as I was praying for a job, I had a good feeling a good job was coming my way. Within two weeks of starting to find a job, I got it!

It was almost perfect. It is an MNC, in the east and not too far away from home, allows me to knock off at 5.30 on the dot on most days and when I got started, I realized I had awesome colleagues and an awesome understanding boss.

When I told Ace, he was really upset. HE was rude to me the next two days after I told him I got the job and starting in a few days time. He said he did not understand why I had to work since his dad can provide for me and take care of me mah. I told him even if that is the case, woman cannot ask their husbands to take care of them forever mah. Sometimes, a woman loses their attractiveness this way when they are in situation where they need someone to take care of them.

I told him my working is part of my working on myself and making a better life for myself so he can have a better life too. And he will be able to enjoy more freedom and independence too.

First day of my work, I bought a surprise snack for him. I think he realizes that now that his mum has a source of income, she can buy him more good food and go nice places more right? ;) Hahahaha...

He did eventually get round to it. Surprisingly, he became more independent. He helped to wash the dishes, he could remember his own schedule about what time to go where, he became more responsible and also started to show better attitude in school.

My cute colleague added sticker to my name plate.. cute or not:)

PS: Now that I have already started working for some weeks, things are settling down into a routine. Ace requests for me to still walk him to school and I oblige because that is our alone time together. But I told him because I rush to work, I can only walk him half the way like I usually do.

I know he appreciates and really treasures these time together. Last week, because my big boss from US was visiting, I was unable to walk him for a few days as I needed to get to work super early. Friday, when I was walking him, he held on to my hand very tightly and kept smiling.

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