Thursday, July 06, 2017


 This month's exciting recipes! This one I learnt from my fren Mag and she learnt from Lingzhi veg restaurant.. is toufu skin with spinach and soy bean chup and wolfberries:)

 This one leh, I learnt from my MIL and cos i have cai por leftover from Ace's chwee kway, I added that in... and it tastes GREAT!

 My kind of healthy baked broccoli:)

 A diff version  with black fungus and seaweeed. BUT I think is tastier if I use cucumber:)

 white sauce mushroom spagh

 Bought Qing Long veg and fried like what I saw them do at the zi char stall.. VERY NICE WOR!

Made herbal soup cos I have herbal soup pack left. Big pot lor.. Had to ask Max to help drink and drink over two days to finish... LOL

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