Sunday, July 16, 2017

Minions Again!

 So I saw this really cute minion container for cereal online...

And then I was thinking Ace sure wants one.. so I told him about it..

In the end, we went to three different supermarkets also cannot find cos sold out lor!

A friend who had friends working in nestle told me that can find in the huge GIANT in tampines next to IKEA.. so I messaged Max and the best dad in the world really made his way there to find. Alas, when he was there, he said only one box left! Want to buy one more for Cay also cannot :(

And also, it was weekend and the crowd was crazy.. and he had to queue for long time to pay for ONE ITEM.... knowing Max, he would have just decided not to buy the item and leave.. but he didnt.. for his son's sake..

THis is the happy boy and his minion container.. I think maybe the cornflakes will taste better in this container:) hahahaha

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