Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Love You Even When You Are Far Away

Today Ace woke up in a good mood lor.. he very funny.. he was eating donut for breakfast and he insisted it is too much for him.. and too big for him.. so gong gong cut for him and then he kept asking me... "Mummy, have you brushed your teeth?" I said no.. and then he ask me to quickly brush my teeth and he will keep some for me.. "Ok, i go brush teeth now, you keep one for me lor.." i told him..

"YOu go brush your teeth, i keep three for you.." and he really kept 3 pieces for me...

And then he was eating and he kept smiling at me and then suddenly he told me, "Mummy, I love you... " paused for a while and said,"Even if you go far far away place in aeroplane, I will still love you..."

And then he asked me when i am going.. if daddy will be back when I am gone, how long I will be gone and reminded me that even though i am far away, he will still love me... so sweet right?:)

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