Thursday, July 22, 2010

Buzz Lightyear Again!

Ah Yee told Ace that if he were a good boy, she would bring him out gai gai in the later part of the week..

Because net net wanted to buy some things and because Ace was pretty much a good boy this week, they decided to bring him along....

As if he has gotten sixth sense, without them telling him beforehand where they wanted to bring him.. he started telling Net net about how his daddy will bring him out to Ikea and even showed off his Ikea Smalleland pass.

When they got home, Ah Yee told me that she arrived around 10 minutes earlier to pick him but did not immediately picked him up but stood outside to watch him play.. throughout the 10 minutes, he was just climbing up the slide and jumping down into the pool ball again and again...

When he came out, Ah yee asked him why he was always playing that game and he said that he was pretending to be buzz lightyear...he was climbing up the slide and saying "To action (infinity) and beyond!" and he would jump down... and climb up again to repeat the same game...

Ah yee said one of the times, he knocked into a little boy who was playingnearby and so afterward, she had a talk with him and reminded him to be careful.. "You have to see if anyone is nearby before you jump down..."

"Yeah, I know, I told HIM to be careful already.." Ace replied.. HAHAHA:)

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