Friday, July 16, 2010

Ace Wants To Buy A Surprise For Me

Because my sister and my brother in law are back from France for good and my brother law works in some god forsaken place, he has taken over our car temporarily and because he needs to go to work super early in the morning, the job of sending Ace to school has temporarily been taken over by me and my sister...

Now, Ace's school is situated within a private housing estate so on our way to school, we would pass by alot of beautiful houses and so me, Ace and Ah Yee had the following conversation...

Me: Ace, you said you wanted to buy me a house when you grow up right? So what sort of house will you buy for me?

Ace: It is going to be a big house...

Me: But what will the design be like?

Ace: I cannot tell you. It is supposed to be a secret. I can only tell you that it is going to be big and there will be staircase and there will be alot of toys insides...

Me: But when you buy me a house, I might be a old woman already... so why would I need toys?

Ace: Because I will bring my baby to visit you mah.. so need to have toys because my baby wants to play with the toys.

Me: So who will make the baby with you?

Ace: Erm.. I don't know yet..

Me: I thought you told me you want to marry Tanya?

Ace: No lah, I don't want to marry her already. Because she always say I do wrong things, I don't want to marry her anymore.

Ah Yee: So can you buy me a house too?

Ace: Yes, I buy you a big one with staircase and buy you a golden house!

Ah Yee: What will my house look like?

Ace: Also cannot tell you... because it is a secret too.

Me: Then Ah Yee house will have toys or not..

Ace: Ya..

Me: Why would Ah Yee need toys in her house?

Ace: Haiya, because my baby will want to visit Ah Yee mah.. so she must have toys in her house...


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