Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gossipy Ace

Yday I had a quarrel with my mummy... she stood right in front of the fan.. tat was pointed at my direction and farted...I exclaimed"Wah lau eh, where got pple like tat one?" And then Ace asked me why I shout so loud at Popo and before I could even say anything, she said "Because your mummy want to show you bad example... because she scold popo, so you also can scold her..."

I so angry.. I told her, "You want to teach your grandson like that right? Call yourself a teacher? very good, I will remember wat you say today...." and then she quickly change her tune and said, "Can talk loudly to your mummy or not? cannot right?"

And after tat I dun want to talk to her at all and she know she is wrong and try to be super nice to i just forgive her after i got angry for the full 7 min i was allowed to.. hahahahahaha

Anyway, Ace is super duper funny lor.. after being stuck in all the drama... he did the most aunty thing! he went to tell my father in some sort of gossipy tone, "Gong gong.. I want to tell you something... did you know.. just now Mummy scolded popo... because popo fang pi in front of the feng shan...."

PENGZ lor!

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