Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ace 5th BD Celebration Pt 2 (With Yeye, Nainai and Shushu)

Round two of the celebrations took place at Yeye's house.

Before we went there though, Ace asked me if he could get the present I bought for him and play with it and after the big lizard scare, he was happily playing with it.

I think Ace was slightly dissappointed that the present robot that he got is not a transformer. Nevertheless, he was quite amazed by it. In fact, I think he was little scared when the robot started shooting bullets out of the mouth.

Anyway, when we finally finished eating everything, Ace wanted to eat the Father's Day muffins we made and so he FORCED Yeye to eat together with him :) hahaha....naturally, anything tat Ace makes, Yeye says, "好吃!"

Anyway, before we were due to go home, Shushu said that Diana jie jie wanted to talk to Ace.. so he called her and let them talk. The next day then I realized that Diana actually asked Ace what he received for his birthday and what he wanted and Ace asked her if she could buy him a buzz lightyear... (Yes, buzz lightyear again...)

Hai... I wonder when he is going to grow out of this phase.. but anyway, as of now, he has a buzz lightyear kickass toy, buzz lightyear tat can talk figurine and a buzz lightyear pencil case.. all courtesy of our good friends who love him so... thanks, brothers and sisters!

Luckily, Ganma Seokling had hindsight to buy him a Mr Potato Head 2 yrs ago and he never bug me for it.. instead he has been taking it out and playing with it quite often.. hahahaah.... Thanks again, Ganma Seokling!

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