Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ace's 5th Birthday Celebration Pt 4 (@Kinderland)

Well, about 6 months ago, Ace already informed me that he wants to celebrate his birthday in school and he requested that I have to buy a big transformer cake and that I have to buy goody bags for his friends.

So for the longest time, I racked my brains about how to get him a transformer cake... because msot of the transformer cakes I saw are those printed ones... where they print alot of COLOURS on some sort of sugar icing layer... so to me, thes type of cake is totally UNHEALTHY!

I thought and thought about it for a long while, I finally came up with an ingenious idea to buy a decorate yourself cake and then put his mac donalds transformer on it and leave the rest of the space for the kids to decorate.

However, because of the toy story that he watched, he then requested for a Buzz Lightyear cake and after thinking long and hard, I came up with the idea of usinga laminated Buzz Lightyear picture together with a decorate yourself cake from Icing Room. The end result is buzz lightyear runningon a pile of colourful shit.. hahahahahahhaha....

Anyway, I am glad everyone enjoyed themselves. Ace's classmates loved the cake and the activity so much that they asked me, "Ace mummy, next year Ace's birthday, can you do this again?"

However, when I asked him later, he said he still thinks the Buzz Lightyear cake from Swensens looks nicer...

PS: The girl in white t shirt and pink skirt with long hair is Tanya, the girl tat Ace wants to marry! :) ahaha

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