Saturday, January 14, 2017

CNY 2017 Lunch For LB Seniors At Ziyean Restaurant

It is our usual tradition to help out and serve the seniors lunch when the lady boss of Ziyean Restaurant hosts 10 tables at her restaurant for our seniors who are registered with Lions Befrienders.

But in the last two years, because Ace always has swimming on Saturday morning, we are sometimes unable to make it for the event.

This year, we will be having club meeting after that and so we tried to rush down.. just for the club meeting.. Lucky for us, the lunch was still going on and we could help out with little things here and there and Ace made himself useful carrying boxes and stuff..

 Since everyone else bz serving.. Ace was tasked with most impt thing..

Helping to present oranges to the generous lady boss of Zi Yean..

And she was soooooo impressed that Ace is vegetarian.. and that he is so young and involved in Lionism ;) hahaha... Actually he do nothing much also... hahahaha

 So anyway.. special mushroom bun for the boy and we also get to enjoy becos of him!:)

Look like real mushroom lor.. I am so impressed... and very glad I got to watch the chef prepare this on TV much later... cos I kept thinking how they made the surface like tat...

 We invited this Evergreen Strummers who volunteered to perform at the event for lunch with us:) Lou hei.. huat ah!

 Thanks to Ace, the vegetarians got extra good food lor:) hahahhaa....

Anyway, glad to see the seniors all happy and all smiles lah.. Since I not needed to serve.. I make myself "byakuren" and wave big big, smile big big.. and wish them happy new year, say goodbye and thank them for coming when they were going home ;)

I feel always warm in the heart when I go SSA events and the byakuren ask us to be careful.. and thank us for coming.. so I hope my smiles and warmth can do the same for the seniors...

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