Monday, January 02, 2017

NaiNai's Birthday

It is Nainai's birthday again! ;) So the whole family gathered together for a meal. Nainai says it is too expensive to eat out all the time and says she wants to eat at home so we did our "supper" foods at home...

 Time to sing song for Nainai...

Then Shushu said when he visited Lao gou, she passsed him two lollies for Ace... Ace was so happy... cos they are pokemon lollies!

 He kept asking me... "Mummy.. so cute leh.. how to eat... how can I bear to eat?"

 When Ace sent his thank yous to Lao Gou.. she told us that she gave some to her grand nieces and grand nephews and they say it tasted very nice.. so she suggested that he eat one and keep one.. and so that is what he did:)

 PS: On an unrelated note.. Nainai's fascination with 富贵花 has given worth to airplants and now... to succulents! Haha...

ANyone knows where I can find those very nice display cases for succulents?

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