Thursday, January 12, 2017


Ace's super strict guitar teacher from France left... and so he now has a new teacher, Mr Tan.

Looks like Mr Tan means business... since we changed over to him for lessons, he has been finding out what are  the basics that Ace is lacking in and making me buy lots of new books for Ace to practice this and that in:) Hahahaha...

He made me buy this kiddish book and explained to Ace that it was actually to make his foundation even better and stronger and when he finished all the songs inside, he had a test and he was so happy that he passed.

I havent heard Ace doing his guitar thing for a long time cos he refused to let me do video... But leh, his teacher is thinking of letting him take the in school exam in Sept this year and even envisioning that he can do so well that he can perform at the recital!

Anyway, I can see Ace making more effort now and when I asked him what he thinks of Mr Tan, he said he like Mr Tan better than Mr P cos though he is strict.. he is also very funny.. Mr Phillip always "jit teh bin" one...  hahahhahhah...

Good lah.. he has been learning since 2013.... Mr Lucas and Mr Malangar is hopefully happy to see him moving forward...

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