Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2017 CNY Gathering With Adam And Jac

It was close to CNY and Adam and Jac dropped by SGP on their way back to Penang... so we decided to have Dubai Wet Gang gathering...

Someone suggested this quaint little place called The Coastal Settlement...

The place looks really strange... like a karang guni man's  house cos alot of those signs and toys that looks like  stuff people threw away... they used them to decorate the restaurant..

Random spare parts and toys... so strange...

The inside though is much larger than it looks.. Ace was fascinated with all the gu kuan stuff like typewriters... hahahahah :) His generation... this is rare chance to see something like that:)

The food there is not bad.. actually we all eat till quite full but still decided to order this to share.. never regret! is nice! I think I dun mind going back again :)

Ace ordered churros and it came with so many things to dip... He was so happy lor:) hahaha

Very happy to see our Dubai Wet Gang friends again... till the next gathering!:)

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