Sunday, January 22, 2017

Meet The Parents

Time of the year to go meet his teachers just to know who they are...

Same ole same ole..

Principal did her intro and why they are going for holistic education in the school.....

Looks like it is going to be quite interesting as Ace is going to have a few interesting things like Lifeskills, Sec school roadshow, Grad Night and PSLE... lol"

After the principal's talk, you get to go to the classroom and meet the form teacher...

Can tell the form teacher, Mr Hashim, is very experienced... and he is so passionate! I am relieved that Mr Hashim seems like very much a people person...

For quite a while, Ace came home with all the stories Mr Hashim will tell them.. he will tell them about the students he met.. so as to share some good mindsets... like how this girl who had father that beat her and no food eventually became a doctor when the teachers found out and paid money so she can have recess money..

But I noticed Ace's name is on the board..

Not a good sign... True enough..when I asked him.. he said he forgot to bring his Social Studies book.. and  few days later, got a message from his teacher to ask me to remind him.. wah lau eh, wat happened to the he is going to have good attitude from now on thingy he was talking about???

Did you notice the tables are organized in a strange way.. this is so eveyrone can see the board and will be under the fan or near window lor..

These are the the class rules they came up with...

Noticed there are many such posters in the classroom..

THE important dates...

So many programs.... His teacher said they have alot of supplementary programs because they wanted to use the time to teach exam skills.. which they dun have time to teach in class.. only enough time to cover syllabus..

Can see his teacher's passion for science.. cos the grps are all labeled and named after famous scientists!:)

Then his form teacher came up to us and said Ace has been late in school lately... blah blah blah.. I asked Ace he always say he is not late lor..

Anyway, I set the clock to wait 10 min earlier lah.. and he also started to request for fruit juice for bfast.. which is easy to swallow... so nowadays... he is always early for school liao:)

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