Saturday, July 18, 2015

Meeting Up With The Other Kids

It has been a long long while since me, GH, KP and Linda could do a gathering together with our family...

It has been harder and harder to meet up now that we are busier... so we have been doing lots of lunches and what nots in between whenever we have time...

Finally, we have a chance to meet up and let our children play together...

Initially, our plan is to go to a indoor playground ut as it was PH, it was so crowded there!

Eventually, we decided that we will go to Bishan Park!:)

Somehow though, RR became very pally pally with Max and kept telling me that he likes "uncle" very much:) hahahaha..

When we reached, we went to the Mac Donalds and saw people trying to catch fish in the man made river there.. so the kids all wanted to go into the water too...

But as you can see, Ace is standing by the side.. because he does not want to get his outfit dirty.. Eventually he gave in and went in... but only one step so only his feet are dirty..

If you look carefully at the picture, you can see that Ace is holding on to a fishing hook he made himself... using a stick and paper clips.. hahaa.. of cos cannot catch any fish lah:)

Then it started to rain and so they all moved indoors....

While the older boys played in harmony, they did not like to include the younger ones... hahahaha:) I guess it is an age thing.. cos RR wants to play but may be too young to understand the rules the older boys have set. KJ was just happy to be jumping up an down in Max's arms...  Well, hopefully as they grow up, the age gap will no longer make a difference..

With the kids around, we did not really get to chat all that much but it was still great to get together:)

Ace didn't have enough of it and asked when is the next time he can go play in Lele's house.. haha..

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