Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Price Of Showing Off

The other day we went for lunch with one of Ace's classmate...

We decided to go for lunch at this jap italian restaurant cos Ace says he loves the mushroom spag there... so we went lor..

Actually the weekend that just past, we also went to this place and Ace ate the same thing.. he only managed to finish half of it cos he added too much chilli flakes..

You will think someone might learn from this lesson right?

But no.

"Looking cool" is more important...

So when his food arrived, he added alot of the chilli flakes..

"Not spicy meh?" HIs friend asked.. considering whether to put more chilli.>

"It is very spicy.. you better dun put too much if you don't take spicy foods... " I replied.

"But Ace put so much.." his friend said..

And Ace quickly added... "Ya tat is because I eat alot of chilli one. I am crazy one... like my father..."

"Ace, you really sure you want to put and mix so much chilli flakes inside???? Don't you remember what happened last weekend?" I asked him...

He kept insisting that he was okay... and so I let him be..

And this is what happened....

See lah...

Told him already... end up I have to finish the leftovers.. and it was too spicy even for me!

But the kids also very cute.. after finish lunch liao.. said they had alot of homework and took out homework to do... so guai leh..

After his friend, E, left.. I asked Ace why he never learnt his lesson and still added so much chilli flakes... he very honestly replied.. "I was trying to show off to my friend.."

But I reminded him that his friend doesnt eat chilli and will be impressed if he ate little bit. He should test waters first next time. PLUS.. it is actually silly to do things just because he wants to impress others.

Anyway, after guitar.. we "cool down" by eating Llao Llao.

Someone looks "sexy" with chocolate fudge on his lips...

Next time see whether he still dare to show off or not.. hahahha...

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