Friday, July 17, 2015

Tennis Lessons

It all started with Max's friend YX, who asked Max if he wanted to play tennis together. Max booked the court and YX said he will bring along his kids and so Max asked if Ace wanted to play together.

So Ace went.. played tennis for a while and played nerf gun with YX's sons most of the time.. hahaha:)

But leh, Ace said that he likes the game..

And then Max decided that he is going to make this a weekly activity and jio Shushu to play together and the boys got "serious" and went to buy balls lah.. buy racket lah... and they really started playing.

Ace said that he enjoys playing the game.. which is surprising to me.. I thought he likely likes it because it helps him get a chance to spend time with his dad and also allows him to gain more approval from his dad..

Anyway, being a firm believer that sports is good for a person's development, Max is always happy to push Ace to do more sports and since he said he enjoys the game, Max quickly went to find out if there are any classes that Ace can attend.

And then we signed him up for a trial class...

Being the first lesson, Ace was a little lost... 

But his teacher said the first thing he has to learn is to bounce the ball using the racket 10 times. Actually hor, even though he did not do very well, but I am pleasantly surprised to find, when I observed him that his ball sense has actually improved. I think all the Floorball, soccer, basketball, pingpong that he is playing in school and at home really helps:)

Next step is to bounce the ball off the racket....

Funny thing i his face look so black and so sian.. afterward he said he enjoys:) hahahahah

Then have to learn to hit it after the ball bounce once on the floor..

THe seh not bad lah.. but i think holding the racket wrongly. hahaha:)

Coach giving him more pointers;)

Ace's current class... he is the tallest among them all. Max says his height will give him advantage when playing as well. Hopefully, he will graduate from this class soon...

He has since done a few lessons...

The other day, Max had something on and I was the one sending him there. As we were early, I sat down to chat with one of the coaches.. the coach was saying that even though there are alot of taletne students he has met.. many of the played tennis because they were forced by their parents to do so.. as a result, once they reach their teens and go into NS or Uni, they will think they are old enough to make their own decision and drop the sport.. which is a great pity...

So I think that could be part of the reason why the other day, his coach asked him if he really enjoyed the game and he said yes.. even though he looked very shagged:) I am happy that my boy likes to work out and sweat it out now:)

At least now he exercises alot.. hope tat he will lose his post DUBAI tummy:) hahaha...

On a slightly different note... we just compared him and his grandma and found that he is now almost as tall as NAI NAI! Gosh!

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