Friday, July 10, 2015

Lego Hack- Emmet Safe

Ace's latest craze is LEGO Hacks.

He will watch some youtube video about lego hacks and then go into his room, take out his big box of lego and start building something.

The other day, he showed me something that he built.. he called it the EMMET SAFE..

This is Emmet.. sitting on top of a box...

If you tip Emmet oer, you will see hidden coins inside!

THerefore the name- Emmet Safe.

Hahahaha.. But too bad lah, I told him safe means need a lock.. he needs to develop something that can lock lor:)

PS: Ace has a new lego set. Ah Yee bought him a Lego Technic set that has two items in one.. he spent a whole saturday on it.. but only managed to do the bulldozer.. he says it is very hard..

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